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Shopping, Prepping, and Creating Meals

Success and lasting weight loss are the result of strategy and effort. Hunger, time and work or family commitments often keep us from making healthy choices because we are unprepared. GOLO fixes that!

Limit and Avoid List

Some food should be limited or avoided altogether in order to achieve the results you want. Use this list to help you avoid foods with hidden sugars and unhealthy fats.

ReSet 7 Plan

The ReSet 7 plan promotes healing and helps you get started on your GOLO journey. Use it during week 1 or anytime you feel you need a boost to your weight loss.

GOLO Shopping List

Use this sample GOLO shopping list and avoid 90% of the unnecessary items available at the grocery store. You can save time and money with the GOLO list and, get the results you deserve.

Restaurant Card

It’s easy to make good choices while dining out with our Restaurant Guide. Any meal can be a GOLO Matrix Meal, and when you follow our healthy tips and strategies, you can enjoy yourself without the guilt.

GOLO Waters

GOLO Waters help eliminate toxins and can help you kick the processed beverage habit. They are simple to make and taste delicious.

Seasonal Survival Guides

These special edition booklets address the obstacles we face at different times of the year. Unique articles, exercise tips, strategies, and recipes can guide you through the holidays and summer months so you can stay on track towards your goals.

Servings Tracker

Use this printable Servings Tracker to track your daily servings.

Results Tracking

Results Tracking is YOUR success story! Use it to keep you motivated and accountable to the commitment you made to yourself. Take your weight and measurements once a week and see how quickly you will reach your goal.

GOLO Food List

All allowable foods are listed throughout your Metabolic Plan booklet. Use this condensed list for quick reference.

Vegetarian/Vegan Protein List

Quick reference Protein list for Vegetarians & Vegans

Superfoods list

Customize your GOLO plan by choosing the Super Foods that can help you improve your overall health

Blank Meal plan

Create your own personalized meal plan with this easy to use document