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Waiting on Your Package?

Here's a list of easy ways to get started today!

Join Our Facebook Group

Communicate with other GOLO Members by joining our Members Only Facebook group. Click here to join:

  • This group is truly a family. Chat with the GOLO Coaches and other members who are already following the GOLO lifestyle!
  • Access tips, recipes, weekly meal plans, shopping lists only available to GOLO Members and enter to win free GOLO merchandise in one of our many contests!
  • This is a closed group on Facebook - which means that anything you post here will only be visible to members of the page. Nothing will be posted to your personal Facebook page.

Clean Out Your Pantry

It's time to clean out your pantry and refrigerator.

  • Toss out any tempting foods. Clear out any and all processed and packaged items.
  • Consider donating the foods you need to get rid of to a food bank or local shelter.

Start Planning

Why wait?! Create your Plan of Action today!

  • Think of some small realistic goals to set for yourself. Small goals will yield big results.
  • Mentally prepare. With the shopping lists and meal plans provided for you on myGOLO.com you can begin to shop for healthy items that you enjoy!